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And now about 65 years later, almost 10,000 SWEET 65 BABYBOOMERS, celebrate 65 in the USA every day and become eligible for a MEDICARE PLANS.  

18th Century famous French writer Honore De Balzac celebrated "A women of Thirty" and her fitness in to society where life expectancy was​ about 30 years.

​But it was 200 years ago. And now at the beginning of 21th century we can proudly proclaim:​​​  "LIFE STARTS @65!"

And to start it right, you need to chose the right Medicare Plan for YOU, to rejoice life, longevity and achievements and to eradiate new beginning of your SWEET 65 ERA.  


I will present to you different possibilities  of the Life Insurance.



Your home is your castle and I will help you to insure your house and personal property.

I will help you to identify your risks and help to decide on insurance coverage.







1. Youth is happy because it has capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

               All AGES!

For Individuals, Families and Group Insurance.

When You celebrate Sweet 65, celebrate it with us and meet other Sweet 65ers, because:

"Life Starts@65!"

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              Knowledge is Power.

          This is why: "Life Starts @65!"

My personal insurance services are here to help you on your insurance needs.

From requesting quotes on your Business, Home, Life, Annuity, Dental Plans for Individuals and families, and Medicare Plans  that fits your insurance needs.


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1. "Life starts @65!"    and if  you are healthy you are pretty!"

2. "Balzac's age was 30. Now Leonid Shendelman's "Life starts @65!"     and by calculations  at 2218 it will start at 135 and you need to live it to believe it!"

3 ."Age, like a gravity …

but, if You  are a Dreamer …"Life Starts @65! "

4. Knowledge is Power.

This why: "Life Starts @65!"

Leonid Shendelman,

Founder and President,

Sweet 65, Inc


Please enjoy 11

Wisdom Quotes of the Famous People:

2. It takes a long time to become Young again.

3. I think I am aging, but I am enjoying the process.

4. I love aging. Why would I wont to be 21 for the rest of my life?

5. Good thing I am aging, otherwise I will be dead.

6. Age only matter if you are cheese, wine or scotch.

7. With age comfort becomes more seductive than beauty.

8. Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.

​9. Getting old is boring, but it is only one way to get old.

10. Enjoy life now! This not a rehearsal!

​11. Accumulating knowledge and experience - are past, applying it to the future - it's Wisdom.